What is a Piggy Bank?

The Piggy Bank is a savings feature that was introduced in version 3.7.0
Every time you win or lose chips in a game, a percentage of your chips will be automatically stored in your Piggy Bank. You will be able to claim these saved chips whenever you want by using a Piggy Bank token.

How are chips saved in the Piggy Bank?

  • When playing Sit & Go and Spin & Play it is only a percentage of your winnings that are saved in the Piggy Bank.
  • When you play a Cash Game or Blackjack a percentage of your chips from both wins and losses will be saved in your Piggy Bank.
The percentage saved per win/loss differs per saloon and format.


Each time you break your Piggy Bank, you will level up until the maximum level 4 is reached. The higher level your Piggy Bank is, the more you can fill up your Piggy! Here is the exact amount of starting chips and the maximum amount of chips per level:

Level 1 | 50,000 min. | 5,000,000 max.
Level 2 | 100,000 min. | 8,000,000 max.
Level 3 | 250,000 min. | 16,000,000 max.
Level 4 | 1,000,000 min. | 40,000,000 max.

How can I break the Piggy Bank?

You can break the Piggy with a purchase or with a Piggy Bank Token.

Where can I get Piggy Bank Tokens?

Piggy Bank Tokens can be won through the seasonal spin tokens, in giveaways on social media or purchased in-game.

What happens after I break the Piggy?

Breaking the Piggy will result in a breaking animation where you have to hit the Piggy a few times before you get your savings. The chips in the Piggy Bank will then be added to your current chips and the amount of chips in the Piggy Bank will reset to the starting amount of the next level.

What happens if I purchase a “Piggy Bank break”?

When you purchase the ""Piggy Bank break"", you will have to break it straight away.
If there is an error, you could still break it later by using the Piggy Bank token. In that case, the price in the "break button" is replaced with a token value.

Where can I find my Piggy Bank?

In the top bar, you will see a Piggy.
If you click it, the Piggy Bank will open.