What are missions?

Missions are tasks that you can complete in the game. For each area on the World Map, there are specific missions for the different saloons in that area. Completing a mission will give you a reward, the harder the mission is, the bigger the reward is.

Where can I find the missions?

Click on the bulls-eye icon in the top bar and click the tab "Missions", between the “Activity” and “Achievements” tabs, to open the Mission menu.

Do the missions have a time limit?

There are different types of missions. There are missions that will always stay there, and you can complete whenever you want. During special events, there might be special missions, these missions will have a time limit shown next to them.

Can I work on different missions at the same time?

You cannot work on different missions at the same time. You have to choose one mission to work on at a time, however, you can switch between missions.

Will I lose progress on one mission if I switch to another?

The progress you have made on the missions will always be saved. If you choose to work on a different mission, the progress you made on the first mission will be saved so that you can go back and finish it at any time. Click on the mission to see your progress.

What are the rewards for completing the missions?

The rewards are usually an amount of chips with gold or XP. For bigger missions, the rewards can be spin tokens.