Losing chips, because of an error, freeze or disconnect is never fun but most of the time it's not all lost!

Cash games
The game will automatically calculate the results after you've left the game or been disconnected. However, sometimes the results are not immediately visible. Because of a delay between the server and the game. In those cases, it's best to restart the game and the latest modifications will be loaded. Only the chips you’ve betted are lost but the chips in the stack are saved. Unfortunately we cannot return potential winnings. But your winnings of all other hands you've played were added to your balance.

When your game crashed or you've got disconnected during a tournament, your winnings are lost. But we can investigate the situation and see if we can compensate a bit. Please contact us via the in-app support button or send an email to support@governorofpoker.com with the following information:

- player name and level or your user ID (found in the settings of the game)
- exact date and time of the disconnect
- the time zone you're living in
- the saloon you were playing in

Without this information we cannot investigate.

Lost account
In rare occasions your device lost connection with your account. You will notice this because you will need to create a new account or you logged in with another account of yours. No worries you did not lose your chips or your account! In most cases you can reconnect the right account to your device. For more information about this, check out our FAQ.