Where can I open the Slot Machine?

You can open the slot machine in 2 ways:
1. By clicking or tapping the hamburger menu - the 3 striped button on the top right corner - and selecting “SLOTMACHINE”.
2. By clicking or tapping the slots icon in the bottom left corner during a poker game.

NOTE: You need to be at least a level 15 to unlock and play the slot machine.

Why Is My Slot Machine Locked?

If you see a slot machine with text indicating it is blocked and unable to interact with, this is because you have not reached the required level to unlock the slot machine feature.

How Does the Slot Machine Decide What I Won?

First of all, your total bet gets divided by the number of pay lines you are betting on, after which that amount gets multiplied by the payout multiplier for your winning combination.

Example: If your total bet is 5.000 chips, each payline will have a bet of 1.000 chips.
If you have a win combination of 7-7-7 on one of the pay lines, that 1.000 chips payline bet gets multiplied with the 7-7-7 multiplier, which is 500. So you will win 500.000 chips.

Where Can I See the Winning Symbol Combinations?

When the slot machine is open, clicking on the blue “i” icon will reveal a side window with all the payout symbol combinations. A white stripe instead of a symbol means that it can be any other symbol than the previous.

What Do The Colored Lines Mean?

The colored numbered lines represent the pay lines. These are the lines on which you can get the winning combinations that are explained in the information side window. There are 5 pay lines in total for this slot machine, improving your chance to win by 5. Example: if you follow one of the lines, let's say the middle horizontal line, the symbols that are on that line form the pay line. Having 2 or more similar symbols from left to right, results into a winning combination.

Where Can I See What I Won?

When you have a winning combination, it will be displayed at the top of the slot machine as total win amount. Individual wins will be cycling through at the bottom display of the slot
machine with the corresponding pay line name.

How Do I Get My Prize Out of the Slot Machine?

Your total bet and prize for each spin will be directly added to your total chip bank. This is the chip amount in the top left corner of your top bar.

Why Does My Slot Machine Close on Its Own Sometimes?

If your slot machine has closed on its own, it could be caused by:
1. It is your turn at the poker table, and an action is required from you.
2. The slot machine feature is under maintenance for everyone, because of developers improving the feature.

In both cases please be assured that if you were in the middle of a spin, your possible winnings won’t get lost, as the spin will be completed on the servers end, rewarding you with your prize won.

Is My Slot Machine Different Than Others?

No, in order to give every player the exact same chance of winning the jackpot, the slot machine does not differ depending on the player.

How Can I Disable the Sounds of the Slot Machine?

The sound effects of the slot machine are the same as the sound effects of the rest of the game and the same counts for the background music. To disable any of the two, please go to the game settings and disable Sound Effects or Music by toggling the switch.

The Slot Machine Keeps Spinning, Did I Lose Any of My Chips?

This could only happen when the game can’t connect to the server, for example due to an unstable connection. The game doesn’t know the result yet, but the spin has been processed on our server. This means that you might not have seen the spin, but the chips you might have won are added to your chip amount in the top bar. You will see this updated after the next sync with the game servers.

How Do I Use the Auto Spin Feature?

You can use the autospin feature by pressing and holding down the spin button and select the amount of rounds you want to be spun automatically.