Where can I find coupon codes?

You can find Coupon Codes on our Facebook and Instagram page and redeem them in the game settings. (See blow)

Normally you will find a code once a week on our Facebook page either during the Live Stream or in a post. On Instagram Codes may be found in the Instagram Story from time to time.

All codes are limited in number of uses. So it might happen that you find a code, but can't use it anymore. In this case our Support team CAN'T give you the code, but you have to wait until the next code is published.

Why are the codes limited in number of uses: The codes can be seen as a special bonus for players who follow us on social media or watch or live stream. To keep them special for players they are not usable unlimited.

How can I redeem Codes on my Apple device (iOS)?

Unfortunately Apple does not allow the use of coupons on their platform.
Because of this you will need to redeem it through one of the following platforms:

Log in with your account using one of the platforms above and redeem the coupon code through the in-game settings! (How to login on other devices?)

How can I redeem Codes on PC or mobile devices?

The coupon code that you received can be entered in the settings window. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your screen. Now select ‘Settings’ in the menu that just opened.

Now just click on the arrow right next to ‘Redeem Coupon’ and enter your code.