Open up your friends list and click on the chat icon next to his or her name, this will open up the Private Chat window. Here you can Private Message each other.

We have a few rules that come hand in hand with this new feature:
* You can not send Private Messages to friends that are on the same table - this is to prevent cheating.
* You can only send Private Messages to friends, this means that upon deletion you can no longer chat with that person.
* Please do not share your personal data. Keep your account safe!
* Please do not spam your friends. Remember, they can always delete you as their friend or report you.
* Currently we have a limit of 140 characters per message.
* Chat history is saved, but limited to 50 messages per private chat.

Future updates
We are expanding this feature in further updates, making it more accessible for everyone.
For example; We are looking at adding the option to start a Private Chat conversation with anyone in your team. This will mean that you can send Private Messages to any of your team members. Really handy when someone isn’t gaining as much points as you expected and is in need of a good motivational speech!

Please know that we do our best to filter out any profanity and to minimize toxicity.
However, we can not prevent everything from happening. So please, report any type of abuse or harassment directly to our support team.