Daily Activities are segmented into different tiers. The Daily Activity Tiers are based on the current level you are playing at. As you level up in the game, you will also advance on the Daily Activity Tiers.


Throughout the Daily Activity Tiers, the Daily Activities become more challenging and the rewards get bigger. The Daily Activity Tiers will be updated every Monday at 8AM UTC/GMT. To progress to the next Daily Activity Tier, you must reach the appropriate level by the following Monday.


Below you can see the level needed to reach each Daily Activity Tier:



Daily Activities give you the opportunity to do fun weekly and daily challenges. Daily Activities are challenges that you can do everyday. Fill up your daily bar by completing challenges and claim great prizes! These challenges reset DAILY. Tap on the chests displayed above to claim them!


Points that you claim, will also be saved for a weekly challenge. In the same week, you get the opportunity to claim 2 extra chests. You can get an extra chest at 300 points and another one at 600 points. This will reset WEEKLY. Tap these chests in order to claim the contents.


The rewards will be lost if not claimed before the next day/week starts.