What is a Team Challenge?

The Team Challenge is an event in-game that we start every Wednesday at 9 PM (CEST) and ends every Wednesday. This 7 Day Team Challenge will replace the 5 Day Challenge (that was available in 5.0.3 and lower) and is available in version 5.1.0 and higher. You must join or create a Team to be able to participate.

How does it work?

Play Poker, earn Team Points and unlock chests with your 39 Team Members!

Team Points are based on how you play and how much you bet. The more you bet, the more Team Points you will earn for your Team. Use your XP Doubler Token to multiply your Team Points by 2! You can get XP Doubler Tokens by completing Daily Activities or spinning the Bonus Wheel.

When you earn Team Points, it will fill up a Team Bar. The Team Bar determines how many chests you will get. The more Points you provide, the better your rewards you will be! (click here to check out the rewards). There are 8 chests:

1st chest | 100 points.
2nd chest | 500 points.
3rd chest | 2.500 points.
4th chest | 7.500 points.
5th chest | 20.000 points.
6th chest | 50.000 points.
7th chest | 80.000 points.
8th chest | 130.000 points.

When you earn Team Points, it will also fill up a Personal Bar. The Personal Bar determines what kind of chests you will get! After successfully filing up your Personal Bar, your chest levels up! There are 5 levels of chests:

Level 0: Unlock Chests | <150 points
Level 1: Bronze Chest | 150 points.
Level 2: Silver Chest | 1.000 points
Level 3: Gold Chest | 4.500 points
Level 4: Diamond Chest | 10.000 points
Level 5: Ruby Chest | 25.000 points
Level 6: Emerald Chest | 50.000 points
Level 7: Sapphire Chest | 100.000 points

I didn’t claim my chests...

After your Team has reached the 8th chest, you can still earn Team Points to level up your Personal Chests to the 8th Ruby Chest. You can claim your rewards immediately after filling both your Team and Personal Bars.

You can claim your chests one week after the Team Challenge ended! So don’t wait more than 7 days after the Team Challenge ended or you will lose your chests! You will need to claim them in order to view the new ongoing Team Challenge.

For example: if the Team Challenge starts on the 12th of June and ends on the 19th, you have until the 26th before 9 PM CEST to claim your chests.

NOTE: Changing teams while the challenge is ongoing will block you from participating in the current Team Challenge until the next one. Losses during this process will not be compensated.