What is a Seasonal Calendar?

In every Seasonal Calendar, you need to complete a Mission to be able to claim your Daily Calendar Gift. If you claim a specific amount of days (always stated when the Calendar starts), you will receive a Bonus Final Reward. 
For example, in the End of the Year Calendar, claim at least 45 days and you will receive an Ultra Spin.
Here are some examples of Seasonal Calendar Missions: 
  • Win 15 Hands
  • Play 30 Hands
  • Win $ 200,000 Chips

Buy off your SKIPPED Days.

It’s always demotivating when you skipped a few days because you couldn’t log in that day or because you started the Seasonal Calendar too late… That’s why you can now buy off your skipped days and still get your Bonus Final Reward when the Seasonal Calendar ends!
Note that you can claim as many skipped days as you want! You can buy off your skipped days from version 5.7.0.

Note that your chips are not counted when you are playing in a tournament (Spin&Play, Sit&Gos)