What is a Purchase Stamp Card?

A Purchase Stamp Card is your digital passport to rewards! Every time you make a purchase in-game, you'll earn a stamp on your card.

Where can you find a Purchase Stamp Card?

You can locate your Purchase Stamp Card in the Main Menu or conveniently at the bottom of your screen within the Shop, Seasonal Calendar, Piggy Bank, and Spin Menu.

How does it work?

To complete your card, you'll need to collect 5 stamps. And guess what? The first stamp is on us! So, you only need 4 more to unlock the final reward.

Once you've filled your card, you'll claim an exciting reward of 3 Mega Spins for FREE!

What happens after claiming your reward?

After claiming your well-deserved reward, your Stamp Card will be temporarily disabled until the next reset, which we'll announce in-game.