What is a Cash Game?

Cash games are one of the most popular poker formats you can play in Governor of Poker 3. They are poker games played with no time limit by putting your own buy-in at stake. Unlike Tournaments, you are able to enter and leave the game at any time along with your current table chips. Also, if you run out of chips in the middle of a game, you can rebuy chips at the start of each new round.

What is the Rake?

The Rake represents a very small percentage of chips that are taken out of each Cash Game pot for the house. Note: this applies to Cash Games only, and does not include tournaments

How many players are allowed in Cash Games?

You can play on either 5-player or 8-player cash game tables.

Where can I find Cash Games?

Players are able to join Cash Games in 2 different ways:

  • Automatically - By tapping/clicking on the “PLAY CASH GAME” button that is displayed in the lower part of the screen of the WorldMap you will be automatically assigned to a specific Cash Game based on your current level.
  • Manually - By browsing the different map areas and clicking/tapping the Cash Game you want to join. Every Cash Game has distinct buy-ins and blinds, so choose the game that suits you!

Why do some players have different buy-ins at the same saloon?

Every Cash Game player can choose a different minimum and maximum buy-in in order to take part on Cash Game tables. Keep in mind that the minimum/maximum buy-in depends on each saloon and on the number of chips that you own.