What is Spin & Play?

A Spin & Play is a 3 player fast-paced Sit & Go format featuring blinds that increase every 2 minutes. A random draw will set the prize pool that can range from 2x up to 1000x the buy-in. You can easily win big pots in Spin & Play as winnings are always higher than what you put in.

Where can I play Spin & Play?

Joining a Spin & Play table is easy. Just click/tap on the “SPIN & PLAY”  button on the World Map or Featured tab.

How is the winner’s prize determined?

The prize pool of a Spin & Play tournament is randomly determined by a big spinning wheel that is displayed right before the first hand is dealt. Also, it depends on the buy-in you have chosen to play the tournament. The higher the buy-in the bigger the pool prize.