What is a Heads Up Challenge?

It’s a challenging 2-player knock-out tournament made of 12 rounds. The more rounds you win, the higher the prize you get. In order to get the Top Prize, you need to win all of the 12 rounds of the tournament. You don’t necessarily have to win all of the 12 rounds in a row, but after 3 losses you’ll be out of the tournament.

Where can I play Heads Up Challenge?

It can be played by clicking/tapping on the Heads Up Challenge chest that is displayed on the World Map.
NOTE: You need to reach at least Level 25 in order to unlock and play Heads Up Challenge.

How many Heads Up Challenges are available?

There are 2 types of Heads Up Challenges available: Rookie Challenge and Pro Challenge. Each challenge offers different rewards and requires a specific entry fee.

  • Rookie Challenge: 20 Gold Entry Fee | Top Prize $1,000,000 | 1000 Leaderboard Points
  • Pro Challenge: 50 Gold Entry Fee | Top Prize $5,000,000 | 5000 Leaderboard Points

What prizes can I win?

You can win several different prizes by playing Heads Up Challenge. Prizes include: Hats, Pins and Chips. The value of the prizes will be improved by reaching the higher chests or/and playing in the Pro Challenge.

What is the Fee?

The Fee is an additional percentage of chips that are paid on top of the buy-in for the Heads Up games. The Fee will never be more than 10%, meaning if the buy-in is 1,000 you will pay 1,100 including the Fee. The House sure does thank you!

I can’t complete the Heads Up Challenge I’m playing right now. Can I resume it later?

Yes! If you are playing in a Heads Up Challenge and you haven't lost 3 rounds, you can leave and resume whenever you want.