What are poker gifts used for?

Poker gifts are decorative items that are used to show respect and/or appreciation to your teammates or to any other poker players. By receiving gifts, players will obtain heart points that will be added to their total heart points amount displayed in their user profile. The more heart points a player accumulates, the more they can show off that they are respected and beloved players.

How can I give poker gifts to other players?

You can give a gift to any player by clicking or tapping the grey present box displayed next to their username on the table. If you are already in possession of a gift, that gift will act as the new button to open up the gifts menu.

A gift menu will be displayed. From there, you can send any gift of your choice to the player you have selected (button ‘PLAYER') or to everyone at the current table (button ‘TABLE’).
Note: pressing the 'TABLE' button will multiply the cost by the amount of players at your current table.

Can I buy a gift for myself?

You can send yourself a gift by clicking or tapping the present box next to your own name.
NOTE: You will not get any heart points when buying gifts for yourself.

Can I send gifts for free?

All gifts are only sendable by using either chips or gold. Most gifts can be bought by using chips but some require gold.

What is the difference between Bling, Tease and Treat gifts?

There is no technical difference. The different categories do however have a different emotional value, heart points value and cost.

  • Bling gifts are used to show wealth. They can grant up to 100 heart points and their cost ranges from 250k up to 5M chips.
  • Tease gifts are meant to tease other players when they lose. They can grant up to 2 heart points and their cost ranges from 5 gold to 15k chips.
  • Treat gifts can be used to congratulate good players. They can grant up to 3 heart points and their cost ranges from 5 gold to 25k chips.

Why did my previous gift disappear?

A player can only hold on to a single gift at a time. Receiving another gift will replace the previous one. Gifts are saloon bound, leaving the saloon means that your gift will disappear. Note: points received by the gifts will not disappear, they remain on the player’s profile.