Where can I find my Hat Collection?

To find your Hat Collection, click/tap on your profile at the top bar, as shown below:

Then click on the Hat icon shown at the bottom of your profile:

What is the percentage shown by the Hat icon?

The percentage by the Hat icon shows how many hats you have collected out of all the hats that are present in the Hat Collection.

How do I get new Hats to my collection?

There are 3 ways to get a hat in your Hat Collection:

  1. They can drop from Team Challenge Chests.
  2. They can drop from Heads Up Challenge Chests.
  3. You can get them by completing Achievements.

Why can I not find all the hats that I see at the tables in the shop?

A lot of the hats you may see at the tables have been won through the Team Challenge for an earlier event, or they were available for a limited amount of time in the Shop.