Where can I check my profile?

Your profile can be opened by clicking/tapping on your avatar picture displayed at the upper center of the screen.

What type of information can I see on my profile?

Several different information is included on your profile. You will be able to check many details such as your status, stats and game progress.

All of your information is arranged into 7 sections:

  • Basic information
  • Sit & Go badges
  • Trophies
  • Rings
  • Achievements
  • Statistics
  • Hats Collection

Basic Info
On the left side is displayed your avatar picture, username, country and the name of the team you are part of. On the right side you will be able to check your total amount of chips, heart points and the level you have reached so far. At the bottom of this section you can check how many XP points you are missing to reach the next level and how many chips you will get as a bonus.

Sit & Go Badges
In this section you can find all of the Sit & Go Badges you have unlocked so far.

All of the Trophies you have managed to collect will be displayed in this blue section of the profile. Click/tap on each element of this section to find out how you can earn it in the game.

These exclusive rewards are shown next to the trophies. Rings can be won in the seasonal Events or in the 8th Emerald and Sapphire Chest. They can be used to show off your poker skills.

The more Rings you win, the higher your Ring Status will be. Your Ring Status will show how many times you have won each Ring. The appearance of the Ring will become better.

Every achievement unlocked in the game will be displayed in this section of your profile. Please note that achievements can also be checked in the ‘Achievements’ menu.

All of your main stats will be displayed in this part of your profile. Here you can find 3 main sub-sections:
  • Team Challenge stats
  • Overall stats
  • Heads-Up Challenge stats

Hats Collection
At the very bottom of your profile you will find a button showing the percentage of hats you’ve unlocked so far.

If you want to have more information about your Hat Collection, just click/tap on that big button to open your Collection.