What is the purpose of my inventory?

Your inventory is where most of the in-game items are stored. Most in-game items that you purchase, win, redeem through coupon codes or have been gifted can be found in your inventory.

Where can I find my inventory?

You can find your inventory in the upper right-hand corner of your screen in the drop-down menu (click on the three horizontal lines).


What items can be found in my inventory?

Your inventory is divided into 6 sections of different in-game items:

Hats (you can click on a hat to put it on)
Tokens, Tickets & Keys
Poker Gifts


How can I buy hats, shirts and pins?

Grab hats, shirts and pins in the Shop to customize your avatar!

Not sure what items you already own? Check out your Inventory by clicking the menu button top right of your screen and press the "Inventory Button". You can find all the hats, shirts and pins you've purchased.

Want to buy new items? Head to the Shop – simply click the 'shop' button on the top left of your screen, choose the item type you're looking for, and find your next purchase!

Where is my bought (chips) pack?

If you have bought a pack, please check the chest section in the inventory (top right menu/inventory/chests). You can open it whenever you want to claim the chips.

Please contact our support team if you still can't find the chest or open the chest.

What items are not displayed in my inventory?

Rings, trophies and team chests do NOT show up in your inventory. These items are displayed on your Profile.

Do the items in my inventory expire?

The items in your inventory will never expire. You can use them whenever you want, or collect them.

What is gold used for?

You can use Gold to:

  • Change your username
  • Buy hats, shirts, and pins in the Outfit Shop
  • Play the Rookie and Royal Heads Up Challenge