What is a Ticket?

You can spin a Ticket and get a random prize such as Chips, XP Doubler or Spins.

There are 5 types of Tickets:
The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tickets were added in the game with version 4.5.6.
The Diamond and Ruby Tickets were added in version 5.1.0.

Where can I get a Ticket?

You can win Tickets in the Team Challenge, Daily Activities and in the Gift Calendar (if active).
You will find Tickets in your inventory in the same tab with your Tokens.
Tickets can be used by selecting a Ticket and clicking on “Use item”.

You can also get FREE Tickets by spinning other Tickets! See the overview of Tickets to see which free tickets and prizes each ticket type is eligible for.

A Fair Ticket Wheel...

Governor of Poker 3 is operating in a fair and logical manner: the game is programmed using a Random Number Generator (RNG). Its role is to make sure that every random feature, such as spinning wheels, ends in a purely random result.

There is a variety of normal, medium and jackpot prizes on each ticket wheel.
And remember! Not everyone can with the jackpot every time! On ticket wheels, there is a weight for each prize. Therefore, the chance to win a jackpot prize is lower than winning the lowest prize. This prize selection is also part of our RNG certification.

Why does Governor of Poker 3 want to post about the Ticket Wheel’s Odds?

Transparency is a priority and important for us. That is why we decided to share the odds of the Ticket Wheels. This gives full insight into the prizes you can win and the odds to win them.

Overview of Tickets