What is a GoP Club Membership?

GoP is now offering Club memberships, YEEHAW! There are currently five tiers of the GoP Club membership. Each of these offer various chips, rewards AND benefits! All memberships are active for a set duration of time. If you want to know more about the exclusive access to the GoP Club, keep reading!

What are the main benefits of a GoP Club Membership?

A GoP Club membership will give you access to FREE chips each day! Not only this, but as a GoP Club Member you'll have access to exclusive benefits.

These benefits include EARLY access to events, EXTRA team points, and MORE emoticons. The higher GoP Club memberships will receive more chips and the most exclusive benefits!

To check out all the benefits under your GoP club membership, go to the GoP Club tab in the shop. Front and center of this tab will say “check all the benefits.”

What will each specific GoP Club benefit include?

Early Access To Seasonal Events: being a part of the GoP Club means access to the Vegas Statue and Balloon Events before regular players.

15% Extra Team Points: GoP Club members can progress even quicker in the Team Challenge with 15% more Team Points.

Extra Set Of Emoticons: Have fun with an exclusive set of emoticons in the GoP Club style.

Priority Support: members will get prioritized replies at our Governor of Poker support desk. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

These specific GoP club benefits may change over time and more benefits will be added.

What types of GoP Club memberships are there?

There are currently 5 tiers of our GoP Club memberships.

CLUB RED: 8M chips daily for 90 days. This equals a total of 720M chips in rewards!
1 Diamond XL Event Balloon key at the start of every event.

4M chips daily for 60 days. This equals a total of 240M chips in rewards!
2 Diamond Event Balloon keys at the start of every event. 

CLUB BLUE: 1.7M chips daily for 60 days. This equals a total of 102M chips in rewards!
1 Diamond Event Balloon key at the start of every event.

CLUB GREEN: 1M chips daily for 30 days. This equals a total of 30M chips in rewards!
2 Gold Event Balloon keys at the start of every event.

CLUB YELLOW: 400K chips daily for 30 days. This equals a total of 12M chips in rewards!
1 Gold Event Balloon key at the start of every event.

The specific benefits for each tier of the GoP Club membership can be found in the GoP Club tab under "see all benefits".

How do I purchase a GoP Club membership?

Once you’re in the game, enter the shop in the top left corner. From here, you will see a GoP Club tab with all of the GoP Club memberships available for purchase.

Where do I claim my GoP Club membership rewards?

Under the GoP Club tab, you can see each of GoP Club memberships available. If you’ve purchased one or more of these memberships, you will see an “active” status next to it. Here you are able to claim all your membership rewards!

How will I know when to claim my rewards?

Once you’ve purchased your GoP Club membership, you can find your membership and rewards under the GoP Club tab. If you've already claimed your rewards for the day. you will then see a timer which will tell you when you are able to claim your rewards again.

On mobile, you can also tick a box that says “remind me.” Now we can send you reminders through push notifications to make sure you claim ALL your rewards!

When does the GoP Club membership renew each day?

Your GoP Club membership day renews at the same time you made your membership purchase. Tip from us: Set your own alarm for this time, so you’ll always be ready for a new day of FREE chips, rewards and exclusive benefits.

If I miss a day of the GoP Club membership, can I still claim that day's rewards?

No! Once you've missed a day of your GoP Club membership, your rewards from this day are not accessible. Although, the chip for money value is incredibly high and you will always have access to the GoP Club's exclusive benefits.

Remember to stay up to date with your membership to claim as many rewards as possible. Your GoP Club membership will renew each day at the same time of purchase!

What happens when my GoP Club membership expires?

Not to worry, you can easily repurchase the same GoP Club membership OR try out new ones. Keep those chips flowing!
What can I expect from the premium support given from the Governor of Poker team?
The Governor of Poker support team will do their best to get back to GoP Club members as soon as possible. Premium support aims to respond to our members within 48 hours.

Can I purchase multiple memberships at the same time?

Yes! Players can purchase multiple memberships at the same time. This means a GoP Club member could have up to 5 memberships at the same time. Each day, every reward per membership can be claimed by the GoP Club member.

It should be noted that while you can claim every reward per membership, benefits do not work the same way. For example, if you have 3 memberships, you will not receive 45% (3 x 15%) extra team points.

Will I still have my benefits on my last day when I have claimed my chips?

Yes. After you've claimed your daily chips on your last day, you will still have access to the GoP Club benefits as long as the timer is still going.

Will GoP Club members have an advantage at the Poker table?

Governor of Poker 3 is proudly certified for fair dealing. An RNG certification means that all cards are random and no player, GoP Club member or not, will have an advantage at the Poker table.