Where can I play Blackjack?

You can join a Blackjack table by tapping/clicking on the “BLACKJACK” button that is displayed on the World Map.

How does Multiplayer Blackjack work?

Multiplayer Blackjack is a 3-player table. You can select up to 4 different Blackjack tables according to their stakes range. These are the stake options available:

Low – Bets from 1,000 to 10k
Medium – Bets from 25k to 200k
High – Bets from 500k to 5M
Xtreme – Bets from 10M to 100M
Xtreme+ – Bets from 200M to 750M
Xtreme++ – Bets from 1B to 10B  

Multiplayer Blackjack works similarly to standard Blackjack. Each player will choose their buy-in, then proceed to place a bet from 4 different bet amounts. These amounts will be set according to the chosen Blackjack table. The Dealer will wait for everyone to place their bets before dealing the cards. Like GOP3's poker tables, there is a timer for each player to choose their bet and the ability to chat with players at the table.

It is possible to enter a Private Blackjack Game where you can play with friends at a 3-player table. Each player at the table, who have placed a bet, will get bonus Team Points when a player hits Blackjack 21. Team Points can be won at all Multiplayer Blackjack tables.

The Blackjack dealer just dealt 6 aces of the same suit. How can it be possible?

It is totally normal to be able to find 6 cards of the same rank and suit at a Blackjack table. That is because Blackjack is played with 6 decks of cards.

Why is it difficult to win at Blackjack?

We use the same certified RNG for Blackjack than we use for Texas Hold’Em Poker to ensure a fair game. Keep in mind that Blackjack has different dynamics than Texas Hold’em. While in Texas Hold’em you play against several opponents to get the best hand, in Blackjack you need to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.
Learn more about Blackjack rules HERE.