What is a Multi Spin?

The Multi Spin is a brand NEW type of Spinning Wheel. Not only can you win chips but also ‘Multiplier’ prizes. There is a chance you may get to Spin TWO Wheels instead of one!

When you get a Multi Spin, you will first see a Spinning Wheel with various chip amounts AND four different Multipliers: X2, X5, X10, X50. The first Spin will determine which prize you get. If the Spinning Wheel lands on an amount of chips, that is your prize!

If the Spinning Wheel lands on a Multiplier, then you get to Spin AGAIN. Depending on which Multiplier you land on, you will see a new Spinning Wheel with chip prizes appear on your screen. The image below shows how a Multiplier wheel will appear. This is just an example of the X10 Multiplier Spinning Wheel, there are 3 other Multiplier Spinning Wheels (X2, X5, X50).

The Multiplier Spinning wheels are different colours. The X2 Multiplier Spin is blue, the X5 Multiplier Spin is yellow, the X10 Multiplier Spin is purple, and the X50 Multiplier Spin is green. The higher the Multiplier, the higher the chip prizes. Spin the Multiplier Wheel and WIN even bigger chip prizes!

Where can I get a Multi Spin?

You can get a Multi Spin from the Spin Menu, it can be found next to the Ultra spin. Warning: The Multi Spin is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

How do the Multipliers work?

On the first Spinning Wheel of the Multi Spin, there are different amounts of chips and the four Multipliers: X2, X5, X10, and X50. When you spin the first wheel and it lands on one of the Multipliers, a second wheel will appear. The chip prizes on the Multiplier Wheel are the multiplied versions of the chip prizes on the first wheel. Therefore, if you land on a X5 Multiplier, the next wheel will have the chip prizes from the first wheel already multiplied by 5. The prize that you land on in the Multiplier Wheel is the final prize. For example, if you spin the X5 Multiplier Wheel and land on 500M, that is your final prize and will not be multiplied by 5.

What prizes can I get with a Multi Spin?

  • MULTIPLIERS: X2, X5, X10, X50

You can find the odds of the Multi Spin below:

What prizes can I get with the Multiplier Spins?

  • X2 Multiplier: from $70 million to $500 MILLION CHIPS!
  • X5 Multiplier: from $175 million to $1.25 BILLION CHIPS!
  • X10 Multiplier: from $350 million to $2.5 BILLION CHIPS!
  • X50 Multiplier: from $1.75 billion to $12.5 BILLION CHIPS!

You can find the odds of each Multiplier Spin below: