What is a Black XL Spin?

The Black XL Spin has been introduced as a supersized version of our famous Black Spin from last year (2019)! It has a better value than last year's Black Spin.
The average for the Black XL Spin is 110 MILLION CHIPS and the jackpot is 1 BILLION CHIPS!

Here is a list of the chip prizes you can win: 40M, 60M, 70M, 80M, 100M, 150M, 250M, 500M, 1B

Where can you get a Black XL Spin?

You can get the Black XL Spin from the Shop! You can also get a Black XL Spin on a Black Ticket. The Black XL Spin will only be available for a LIMITED TIME. If you want more information about how Spins work (Odds, Prizes, RNG) click here.

You can find the Black XL Spin Odds below: