We want you to have fun with your friends online and offline. Although, you might come across individuals who are having a bad day or do not respect our House Rules. You can report those individuals to our support team but there is also action you can take to ensure you enjoy the game in a safe manner.

I got spammed by another player

If you keep receiving private messages or invites to teams from a particular user, it is best to remove this user from your friend list. If your account has been linked to your Facebook account, remove this user first from your Facebook friend list. You can then remove the player from your friends list in GOP3.

I’m already in a team but I still get team invites

If you’re happy with your team, and you don’t want to receive team invites for other teams, you can toggle Team Invitations off in game settings.

Toxic chat

To prevent someone spoiling your poker fun with toxic behaviour in the chat, you can do a number of things:

- Leave the chat window closed! This way you can enjoy the game and keep concentrating on poker.
- Mute the toxic player. Just click on the player and select mute.
- Report the player to us. Just click on the player and select report.

Play safe

Be aware that there are people online who have different intentions than playing poker. Please keep your personal information safe. We strongly recommend keeping that sensitive information to yourself!

Personal information can include:
- Your email address
- Phone number
- Address
- Bank information/credit card information
- GOP account login credentials

If you’ve shared your personal information with someone and this person has violated your trust, make sure that you change your passwords of your account and corresponding email address. If your account is linked to Steam or Facebook, it’s best to change your password for those social platforms as well.

A GOP user is harassing me outside GOP3

Unfortunately we can’t penalise a player for harassing you outside our game but it is very possible that this person has contacted you in game as well. To report the player, please give our support team as much information as possible:

User name
Date & time
Your time zone
Saloon you’ve been playing in

If this person is harassing you on other platforms outside GOP3, we advise you to report them on those platforms too. Be sure to remove the player from your friendlist.

If the harassment is getting serious, please do not hesitate to alert your local authorities. It is important that you document everything the harasser sends to you. If you don’t want to go to the local authorities, we advise you to search for advice. In most countries there are many self help websites where you can find information and tips on what to do if you are a victim.


Our employees do NOT need your password to assist you! Never give your Governor of Poker 3 password to anyone, even if this person claims to be a GOP3, Azerion or Youdagames employee.

There are also persons who want to lure you to scam sites. These are fake GOP3 sites or websites that offer “FREE” chips and spins. When you login to those websites with your GOP3 login credentials, they have access to your account. Never enter your GOP3 credentials outside the official game.

If you see someone advertising for those scam sites or you see someone trying to scam someone in GOP3, please report this to our support team and mention the following:

User name
Date & time
Your time zone

This way we can track down the scammer and take appropriate actions.