What is a Mystery Gift?

A Mystery Gift is a surprise gift you can send to your friends, teammates or a player at your table. The Mystery gift will contain a gift and private message from you. The gift itself is random and you will not know which item is being sent.

How can I send a Mystery Gift?

To send a Mystery Gift to a player, go to their profile and click on the Mystery Gift button on the bottom left. A full screen pop up will appear where you can see the avatar and name of the player you are sending the gift to, press "Send Gift".

Another pop up will appear where you can write your friend a private message to send with the gift! Once you're happy with your message, you can purchase the Mystery Gift for your friend.

When your friend has opened their Mystery Gift, you will receive a notification.

How do I know if I've received a Mystery Gift?

If a player has sent you a Mystery Gift, you will receive a message in the notification menu. If you click on this notification, a pop up will appear. You will be able to see the avatar and name of the player who sent you the Mystery Gift plus read their nice message they wrote!

Click "Open Now" to see what awesome gift awaits you. You will have the option to send a Mystery Gift back to this player if you wish.

What items are in the Mystery Gift?

The Mystery Gift is meant to be a surprise. Therefore, there is a long list of items that could land in your Mystery Gift! Here is a list of all the possible items you can get in a Mystery Gift:

Event Spin Tokens include: End of the Year Spin Token, Gangster Spin Token, Carnival Spin Token

Tickets include: Gold Ticket, Diamond Ticket, Ruby Ticket, Sapphire Ticket

Keys include: Statue Entry Key, Balloon Entry Key, Diamond Entry Key

Chip amounts include: 5 Million, 7.5 Million, 10 Million

Hats include: Dia de Muertos, Pro Poker Bear, Ruby Dragon, Jester Hat

Paid Spins include: Mega Spin, Ultra Spin, Hyper Spin, Multi Spin, Multi XL Spin

Can I refuse a Mystery Gift from a player?

No, this is not possible. Although, think about it like this: you will get an awesome prize for free!