What is Dash Poker?

Dash Poker is a type of Texas Hold'em where the pre-flop is skipped. Therefore, Dash Poker is known as a "quick" poker format. The word "Dash" literally means to run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.

When you start a Dash Poker round, you will get your first two cards but the flop will be shown straight away.  A flop means you have made a hand out of the first two face-up cards dealt. This means you will quickly know how strong your cards are and how you want to strategise your game play.

Where can I play Dash Poker?

The Dash Poker format will be available in various Saloons. This will change with time. In order for you to know where Dash Poker is available, a Dash Poker icon will appear on the Saloon. Dash Royal Poker will also be available and this will be shown in the same way.