What is Slot Machine Frenzy?

Slot Machine Frenzy is an individual challenge which means it's all about you and your accomplishments. Play in Slot Machine Frenzy by spinning on the Slot Machine.

How does it work?

Slot Machine Frenzy is all about winning chips on the Slot Machine. The more chips you win, the more prizes you will receive.

In Slot Machine Frenzy, there are 25 Chip Milestones. By completing each of the Chip Milestones, you will win rewards. As you reach higher Chip Milestones, the rewards will also get better.

Good to know: if you already own the Hat you receive as a Slot Machine Frenzy prize, you can contact support and they will replace it with another Hat.

Slot Machine Frenzy Missions

During Slot Machine Frenzy, there will be Missions you can complete. You can find all the Slot Machine Frenzy Missions under the Missions tab in the Slot Machine Frenzy section.