How does it work?

You can reward the friend that got you into the game, by using his referral code.
Using this feature is only possible in the first month after you started playing.

How to fill your friend’s code?

Open the Referral Menu by clicking the Friend’s button in the top bar and selecting the "Referrals" tab. You can also open the Referrals Menu through the Hamburger Menu (on the top right corner).

If you haven't filled a referral code before and your account isn't older than 1 month, you should now see the orange "Who invited you?" button.

Clicking this should open this menu:

Fill your friends referral code here and click the confirm button.
If you don't know your friends referral id, you could ask him in person.

Invite Friends

  1. Share your personal Friend’s code! From 5.7.0, you have more options to share it!
  2. Your friends play!
  3. Earn up to $500,000 chips per friend!