What is the Blitz Event?

Blitz is a limited time event where you must complete missions within the allotted time frame. When you complete each mission, you will earn Blitz Points and reach milestones. As you reach the milestones, you can earn various rewards. The rewards increase in value as you reach higher milestones.


You can view your progress in the Blitz Event by checking your Blitz Progress Bar. This will show you how many Blitz Points you have and which milestones you have reached.



Important: you must reach the milestones within a specific time frame to claim them. If you complete all the milestones before time is up, you can already claim your rewards from the highest milestone. If you have not reached every milestone before the time is up, you will only receive the rewards from the last milestone you have completed.


Where can I play the Blitz Event?

The Blitz Event can take place in various locations. To find out where the Blitz Event is happening, look out for the Blitz Badge next to the saloons. You can find all the Blitz Event Missions and your Blitz Progress Bar under the missions tab in game.