Where can I find the Deal Train?

You can get to the Deal Train in 2 ways.

Find it on the left side of the main screen or in the Shop drop-down menu at the top of the main game screen.


How does the Deal Train work?

In the Deal Train pop up you will see multiple free and paid offers in a set order. The first offer in the train track is unlocked and the rest will remain locked. When you click to claim the first offer you will get the reward in it, and the next offer in line will unlock. To unlock each next offer the previous offer needs to be bought or claimed.


How long do Deal Train last?

Train Offers will be limited in time (with unlimited offers available during a timeframe), in amount (with a limited number of offers available) or time and amount. The duration will be specified on each of the Deal Train.


What rewards can I get in the Deal Train?

The Deal Train has a variety of different offers. Each of the offers contains different game items (tickets, chips, spins, hats, etc). You can get more information about the contents of each offer by clicking on the ? icon at the top left of the offer. As the Deal Train moves along the train tracks the items included in each offer will get better and better.