The Poker Team feature is a great way to group with friends and other players.
You can chat at any time and work together for the Team Challenge.

Team Chat

With this new feature, you can always chat with any of your team members in the Team Chat.
You will see who is online and where they are playing, so you can easily join them.
The Team Chat is available at all times in the game, even in Poker.

Team Challenge

The Team Challenge is an event in-game that we start every Wednesday at 9 PM (CEST) and ends every Wednesday. You have to get Team Points with all Team Members to win the challenges and unlock chests. Team Points are based on XP won in a hand; the more XP you win, the more Team Points you will earn for the team.

Team settings

Currently, we allow 40 team members.
When creating a team, you can enter a team name, description, and requirements.
Available requirements are: Location, Level, Chip stack.
Creating a team costs 100 gold, but joining one is free.

You can set the team to Open, Invite Only or Closed.

  • Anyone can join an open team.
  • For Invite Only, you can either "Apply" or the members can invite you. However, all players have to be accepted by a Team Leader or Officer.
  • In a Closed team, only the team leader (= team creator) can invite players to the team.

Team Ranks

There are 4 ranks within a team:

  • Leader: this is usually the player that created the team. The Leader can kick out all members, accept/decline any pending users, change team settings, and promote/demote team members.
  • Officer: can kick out members with a lower rank, accept/decline any pending users, and promote/demote team members with a lower rank.
  • Member: a respected member without any special rights.
  • Rookie: a new member who still has to prove his/her added value to the team.