In a Sit & Go tournament you have to pay a fixed buy-in. Every player will start with the same amount of poker chips. Whoever loses his chips is out of the tournament. The last 2 players at the table win the prize money which is made of the buy-ins of all players.

In total there are 8 different Sit and Go tournaments. These tournaments have the 8 different colours corresponding with the streets of the MONOPOLY board game.

The first two tournaments are unlocked right from the start. The other ones you will need to unlock by just playing the game and level up!

Rings and ring points

Win a tournament to win ring points. Earn enough ring points and you will win the tournament-specific ring! Collected rings may be used to show off your winnings in poker-games. Select which ring you want to show during poker and decorate your avatar with it.
Only one ring can be shown at a time.
Earn more ring points and you will be able to level-up your ring, increasing your status and position in the leaderboards.

Do not leave the table prematurely!

Why not? When you leave a tournament table before the game ends you will lose your buy-in.
Since you probably hunting for that top spot on the leader board it will be a shame to throw your chips away like this. Go for it and try to win first place!


All the players pay a buy-in. The total number of all the players' buy-in will form the prize pot and this will be divided between the winner, second place and the house.

First prize: - 60% of the total buy-in
Second prize - 30% of the total buy-in
The house - 10% of the total buy-in