All the transaction are handled by the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on which device you are playing our game. This means you will pay directly to the above stores for your in-app purchases.

Payment Methods
You can choose several payment methods. In most cases, you can purchase chips with PayPal or your credit card. However, which payment methods are available for you depends on which store you use and in which country you live. For more information about Payment methods please visit the support pages of Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Purchase history
Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store will send a purchase confirmation email. Make sure you keep those somewhere safe for your own administration. But no worry! When you’ve lost these emails you can always find your purchase history via your Apple account or Google account.

Prevent accidental & unauthorized purchases
To save yourself from unexpected costs we highly recommend to password protect your in-app purchases or turn on authentication for your purchases. Please visit the support pages of the Apple or Google Play Store to find out how