Rings can be won in every Sit & Go tournament. Each tournament will offer a different Ring.

How to win a Ring

To win a Ring you have to collect ring points. In popup of each tournament you can see how many points you need to collect to win the ring. In the image below you have collected 3 of the 10 points that are needed.

In your Profile you can see all the Rings you have won. Here you can select which Ring you want to showcase to other players.
Only one ring can be shown at a time.

The selected Ring will be visible on the border of your avatar when you play poker and will be visible to other players as well.

Other players will also be able to see all the Rings you have won when they are viewing your Profile. Collect all rings to impress your friends!

Ring leaderboard

Each Sit & Go tournament will have a Ring leaderboard. You will be able to win a Ring multiple times and the more times you have won a Ring the higher you will be listed in the Leaderboard.

The top 3 players will be shows in the Menu of each Sit & Go tournament. There you can access top 100 of that leaderboard.

There is a weekly and an all-time leaderboard. This means that your weekly winnings will be tallied into a leaderboard, but there is also a separate overall leaderboard.