In MONOPOLY Poker you don’t play with real money, but only with in-game currencies. Chips are used as buy-in and to play at the poker tables. MONOPOLY Money can be used to upgrade your street tiles on the boardwalk and to unlock Sit & Go Tournaments before you have reached the required level. You can also use it to send Stickers at the table, that you don’t have in your inventory. Both currencies can’t be exchanged for another, neither can they be sent to a friend.

How can I get free Chips & MONOPOLY Money?

You have several options to get free Chips and MONOPOLY Money in the game. Every day you can claim 5,000 chips and 10 MONOPOLY Money from the shop for free. You will also receive chips every 4 hours by rolling the dice on the Boardwalk. This will give you between 5,000 and 72,000 Chips. Upgrading your street tiles will increase the rewards! Completing Missions while playing poker, will also earn you free Chips and MONOPOLY Money with every chest.