There are two different ways to chat with other poker players, depending on who you want to chat with and how you would like to do it.
These are the current chat modes available:

- Table Chat
- Private Chat

Table Chat

You can publicly chat while you are playing at a poker table. Just click/tap on the chat bubble that you can find in the lower left corner of the screen.

You can choose 4 different ways to send your messages to the table:


Type your own message to all the players at the table and type enter to send it. Please note that you cannot send private messages to anyone who is playing at the same table.

Predefined messages

Send a message that best fits the situation from a list of predefined messages.


Choose from several emojis to express your feelings and mood at the table.


Next to the emojis stickers are another way to express your mood. Stickers can be collected from the mission chests or from purchasable packs in the shop. Stickers are consumable items and will be used when sending them in the chat.

Private Chat

Open up your friends list and click on the chat icon next to the player’s name, this will open up the Private Chat window. Here you can Private Message each other.

We have a few rules that come hand in hand with this new feature:
* You can not send Private Messages to friends that are on the same table - this is to prevent cheating.
* You can only send Private Messages to friends, this means that upon deletion you can no longer chat with that person.
* Please do not share your personal data. Keep your account safe!
* Please do not spam your friends. Remember, they can always delete you as their friend or report you.
* Currently we have a limit of 140 characters per message.
* Chat history is saved but limited to 50 messages per private chat.

Mute players

Sometimes the chat can be distracting in the final phase of a tournament. You can always mute another player who is just chatting too much. Just go to the player's profile and click on the speaker icon in the upper left of the window. You can find all muted players in your settings and unmute them again if you want to.


Please know that we do our best to filter out any profanity and to minimize toxicity.
However, we can not prevent everything from happening. So please, report any type of abuse or harassment directly to our support team.