Communities are groups of players where you can chat with each other and complete a challenge each week to collect rewards.

Access the Community by clicking this button in the HUD:

Community HUD Button

Join/Create a Community

When you reach level 5 you can join or create your own Community.

Community Join/Create

Join a community

Search for a specific community, or join one that looks interesting.

Community Search

You can join any Community that is “Open”. If a community is “Invite Only” you can apply to join the Community, one of the community members has to accept your application. “Closed” Communities requires an invite from a member of that community.

A Community can require you to have a certain level or a certain amount of chips. If your chips or level aren’t high enough, you won’t be able to join that community.

Create a community

Create your own community.

Create Community

To create a community you need to give your Community a name and description. You can also set the location, required chips, required level and if you want your community to be “Open”, “Invite Only” or “Closed”.

You can also change the badge to make your Community more unique. Use the tokens you have collected in the missions as an icon for your community. You can use any token that has been collected by your members.            

Badge Editor

Community Challenge

Each week on Wednesday at 9 AM CEST / 3 AM EDT a challenge will start for the Community. Earn enough points to unlock a reward.

Community Points

Community points can be earned from:

  • Claiming daily and weekly missions
    Community Points Daily Missions
  • Claiming a League Challenge Chest
    Community Points League Challenge
  • Completing Community Missions
    Community Points Missions

Community Missions

These missions are similar to the Daily/Weekly Missions, except that all Community members can contribute to complete the mission. Read more about contribution in the section Contribution.   

A Founder or Manager can start missions.

Make sure to complete the mission within the given time, or your Community will be sent to Jail.

Community Jail

If your Community doesn’t complete a mission in time, your Community will be sent to Jail. While the community is in Jail you won’t be able to collect Community Points from the Daily/Weekly Missions or the League Challenge Chests.

Complete the Jail mission or wait until the timer runs out to get out of Jail.

Community Jail

Challenge Rewards

The Community has to work together to earn enough Community Points to unlock the Community Chest each week. When the Challenge ends (on Wednesday) and your Community has unlocked the Chest you can claim your reward. The reward you can claim depends on your contribution to the challenge.

Community Challenge Rewards


Any Community Points you earn during the challenge add up to your contribution. Your participation in completing Community Missions also adds Community Points to your contribution.

For example: You started the mission “Win 10 ring points”. Your Community completed the mission and earned 700 Community Points. You won 5 ring points, and 2 other members, Michael and Jeffrey won 3 and 2 ring points. 350 Community Points will be added to your contribution, 210 to Michael’s contribution and 140 to Jeffrey’s contribution.


The Founder is the player that has created the Community and has special permissions.

Only the Founder can promote or demote other players, change the information of Community and change the Community Badge.

Both the Manager and Founder can start Community Missions.

Chat ban

When you have a chat ban you can't participate in the Community chat.