Scratchcards give special chip prizes. They can be obtained from the shop.
To win the prize, you must match any of the winning numbers (center) to your numbers (right). If there is a match, you will earn the number of chips stated under your number.

When you get a scratchcard, you will be able to see a scratch coin of the same value as the card (golden, diamond, ruby) in your Inventory. Select the coin and click on “use” to use the Scratch Card.
There are five different types of scratchcards:
- Classic: win up to 100 K chips

- Golden: win up to 800 thousand chips
- Diamond: win up to 50 million chips
- Ruby: win up to 1 billion chips
- Jingle Bells Scratchcard: win up to 2 billion chips
Jingle Bells Scratchcard
- Black Scratchcard: win up to 2 billion chips
- Spring Scratchcard: win up to 2 billion chips

How to obtain a Scratchcard


Scratchcards can be obtained at the shop. You can access the chips or MONOPOLY Money stores at the top left corner of the game screen. On the left-hand side of the store, you'll find the  Scratchcard section where you can buy Golden, Diamond, and Ruby Scratchcards. 
Classic Scratchcards can be obtained by completing Community Missions.


Where to find and how to use the Scratchcards

Once purchased, you will be able to find the Scratchcard in your inventory in the form of a coin of the same value as the Scratchcard purchased. When clicking or tapping the coin, a button will appear allowing you to use it and get your chips from the Scratchcard.