Join Myseries of El Dorado Sit & Go and win up to 75 million chips! Win 15 ring points by claiming victory 15 times and unlock the Mysteries of El Dorado mystical ring to add it to your collection. You can also win the 2nd prize of 37.5 million!
El Dorado ring
Complete the daily and weekly missions and get mysterious El Dorado stickers from the mission chests. Play against other players worldwide at the tables and become the best player on the El Dorado Sit & Go leaderboard! 

Participate in Mysteries of El Dorado with a buy-in of 25 million chips or use an El Dorado ticket to play a free game. You can also claim an extra free ticket from the diamond mission chest! Each ticket allows you one free game in the tournament.
Please note: Mysteries of El Dorado tickets are valid only during the time of the event. Mysteries of El Dorado Sit & Go will end on February 20th.