We have been working on a new Community feature with lots of updates and fixes, including a new Community challenge. 

What has changed?

New Community Challenge Rewards

With the new Community Challenge, it will be easier to get a chest! It will no longer depend entirely on the team and the player's individual contribution will have a bigger impact on the rewards.

The new Community Chest has two factors: size and material. 

The size will depend on the points collected by the whole Community as a team effort. Chests can be XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL depending on how many points the Community achieves as a team.

These are the Community Points needed to unlock each Chest size:

Community points for each chest

Material will depend on the player's individual effort. Chests can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Ruby depending on how many points a player gets on their own. 

These are the personal Community Points needed to unlock each Chest material:


For example, if the player gets the least valid amount of points but the team gets the highest possible amount of points, the player will be able to collect an XXL Bronze chest. If the player gets the maximum amount of points but the Community achieves the minimum possible, the player will be able to collect an XS Ruby chest. 

You need to work together as a team to unlock the biggest rewards every week!

What rewards can you get from each chest?

Now, it's easier to get more rewards from the Community Challenge. The bigger the size of the chest and the more valuable the material, the more rewards it will contain. 

These are the rewards you can claim from each chest:


Improvements for the Community

  • Community Points can now be collected in any Poker format, Sit & Go, Spin & Play, Cash Games and Blackjack too! The Higher the table the more XP and Community Points.
  • Community Points can now be collected at any time! No need to wait for your Community members to be online.
  • The Rewards you can win are much higher than before!
  • It is now easier to win a chest, you only need a small amount to unlock the first few chests.
  • We removed the Community Missions, so you no longer are depended on a high ranked Member to be online. Before you were dependent on them to activate the Missions.
  • Players will get updates about the Chest Size unlocked by their Community
  • Communities will be able to compete with other Communities for a place in the Leaderboards

New Community Challenge


  • Founders will now be able to appoint another member as the Founder
  • Managers will now be able to kick players out of the Community as well


Do you have some feedback, comments or ideas about this information? Let us know!